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World Cup 2018: Betting prediction for Argentina vs Nigeria

Without doubt the most interesting match in the third round of the group stage of World Cup 2018 would be Argentina versus Nigeria. Almost everyone who is interested in football will watch the match on Tuesday night to find out will Messi and company be able to wake up. An eventual major victory for Argentina would create one of the most dramatic group stage break throughs in the history of the World Cups. Combined with the way the Gauchos already qualified for the finals in general, will make the drama even bigger.

What is the current situation in the group. Croatia have already qualified with two wins from their first two matches. Moreover, they cannot finish on other place than the first one so they can safely come out in their game while resting the main players. Nigeria takes the second place as they beat Iceland so they hope for a positive result in today’s match which will help them reaching the second phase of the race. The Icelanders lost the match against Nigeria when even a draw would almost certainly guarantee them the second place (given the fact that they have to play with the already qualified Croatia in their last game) and now have to rely on Argentina to win against Nigeria. In addition, they have to beat Croatia in order to take the second spot.

For sure, Tuesday night will be one of the most interesting of the tournament. However, the main question is whether Nigerians can stop Messi and the rest of Argentina’s stars. The second question is whether the Argentines finally will play in the way they are able to. At least for me the answer is yes. Moreover, it really seems like part of a story that will be talked about for a long time in the history of football.

As for whether Argentina is capable of beating Nigeria with difference, it is clear to all that they can do it. Just one fact. Although Leo Messi has suffered many critics for his performance so far, he is the footballer who created the most goals chances in the tournament. 12 times Messi has threatened the net of his opponents, and that compared to the number of 14 goal chances which were created by Panama, Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia says a lot. That’s why he is a captain in my fantasy league league team.

Match prediction for Argentina vs Nigeria

Odds for Argentina to win by at least three goals difference is more than good – 3.9 and this is my prediction for this match.

Betting Preview: Peru – Australia World Cup 2018

Peru and Australia will play against each other in a match from World Cup C Group C. This is a game which would not be decisive for the final standing in that group as both teams no longer have chances to continue in the elimination phase of the tournament. The reason for that is that the current standing shows that if Denmark and France, which are the other two teams in that group end their match with a draw both teams will continue ahead. It is well known that there are some good mathematicians in the French and Danish teams which unfortunately, makes everything in this group pretty obvious.

Given the fact that you this is a world championship match without any matter for the final standings, then the motivation becomes the main factor of who will win a game. Most likely, Peru’s players would be more motivated for victory, as the two losses they made against the European teams were definitely heavier. Besides, they don’t feel the disappointment with being thrown out of the World Cup because of a deal between the two other teams, which is most probably the case with Australian footballers.

Moreover, Peru looks a bit better in what they’ve shown so far and this is despite the two losses they’ve made against France and Denmark. Indeed, Australia stands also well against both France and Denmark, but this is also true for South Americans. Just the lack of luck is the reason Peru didn’t take at least one victory from the two matches they played against the European teams. This is also shown by the statistics. Though Peru made two losses and failed to score so far, Peru ranks 9th in the total number of created chances for goal with 27 total for the two matches. Australia has seven less. Peru has eight shots on goal and only the great saves by Hugo Lloris and Kasper Schmeichel prevented Peru of scoring in both matches. For comparison, Australia has 6 shots on goal, one being the penalty against France, which was their only goal so far.

This is also shown by the bookmaker odds, which give a slight advantage to Peru in this match, with their win at 2.5, while Australia’s potential success chances are estimated at 2.87. Considering all these factors, the victory for Peru is far more likely than the proposed odds. If you have to bet on the exact result, then I would say 2:1 for Peru.